atec WordPress Plugins

All our plugins are optimized for speed, size and CPU footprint (frontend & backend). Also, they share the same “atec-WP-plugin” framework – so that shared code will only load once, even with multiple plugins enabled.

Plugins overview

Easily manage all our plugins with the new atec-deploy-plugin.


APCu object and page cache

This plugin provides a simple but effective APCu object and page cache.


OPcache, Object-Cache, APCu, Memcached, Redis

Show all system caches, status and statistics (OPcache, WP-object-cache, JIT, APCu, Memcached, Redis, SQLite-object-cache).


Custom code snippets

Add custom code snippets (JS, CSS, HTML, PHP) to your site by the use of shortcodes.


Debug tool

Simple plugin to display the debug.log in the wordpress admin bar – for easy debugging.


Install and auto update atec plugins

This plugin provides an interface to easily install and update atec plugins to the latest version.


Dir Scan & Statistics

Navigate through the whole directory tree of your WP installation, inclusive file count and file size.


Custom meta tags

Add custom meta tags to the head of each page.


Tuning, performance

Lightweight performance tuning and security plugin. Unbloat WP front- & backend and customize the admin interface.


Custom translation strings

Add custom translation strings for polylang plugin.


Measure WordPress execution time

This plugin adds a profiler script to measure the execution time of the plugins and the theme. These measures can be used to detect bottlenecks and ultimately improve the performance of your site.


SMTP mail replacement for standard WP mail

Use SMTP mail instead of standard WP mail. The only plugin supporting DKIM signature.


Lightweight & GDPR compliant WP statistics

This plugin observes incoming traffic and logs page views and visitors.


System Info (OS, server, memory, PHP ...)

This plugin provides detailed system information, such as operating system, server, memory, PHP and database details. It will also show PHPinfo, php.ini and PHP extensions.


Web map, GDPR conform

Include the web map, with customizable location icon. Fully GDPR conform.


Irawan K.

Best apcu plugin so far, apcu page cache is indeed special feature. Appreciate your work!

Alain M.

Very good and also personal support.


Easy free plugin for everything: object cache, page cache, gzip, minify.

Works well and super pro support!


Just install this plugin to have in-depth visibility into all the Caches that play a vital role in the optimal performance of WordPress. Thanks a lot.


Excellent support

I always use other plugins of this series and they work really well.


The support for the plugins "atec-cache-apcu", "atec-cache-info", "atec-dir-scan" and "atec-web-map-service" is avaiable at WordPress-Support-Forum.

All other plugins, that are not yet WordPress "approved" are supported by atec-systems on this page.